5 Steps You Should Consider In Creating A Relaxing Environment In The Bedroom

Everyone loves to retreat into one own’s home and bedroom after a day of hard work or a bad day. Nothing beats a cozy, warm bedroom that one can just relax in and enjoy the evening.

Forget impressive or nice interior designs. Forget what others tell you what your bedroom should look like! You should model your bedroom to suit what you really like. After all, you are the one who will be spending one-third (or even more for those of you who absolutely love sleeping) of your every day in it.

How does one start?


With the walls. You should pick a few colors or a few shades of color which your eyes are comfortable with. Most people tend to go with neutral colors as they rarely fade with time and have that timeless feel to it. Dark or white colors also do the same for some people. On the other hand, while bright colors may bring you energy and lift your mood, as we grow older and have less leisure time on our hand, one may regret taking these bright colors which might just keep you up when all you want is to fall asleep as quickly as you can.

Once you’ve picked a few colors or a few shades you love, it would be best to take out your measuring tape or if you have a friend who is a designer or a contractor, you might just be able to borrow a high-tech device that uses laser to give you more accurate measurements at lightning speeds.

After which, you may then ascertain your furniture layout – most importantly, where you would place your bed and your wardrobe. These two are must-haves and must surely have their place in any bedroom. Some people are strong believers in feng shui – assuming you don’t sleep the other way round, the tail end of your bed cannot face a door and the front end of your bed should be against a solid wall. But if you are non-believers, you can place these anywhere and even at any angle you wish. As for your wardrobe, a general rule of thumb is that it should be at least ten to twelve feet in length whether this bedroom is for a single person or a couple. A single person may not need such a massive wardrobe but wardrobes are one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, things to add to a bedroom once you have moved in. Consider placing this along one of the longer walls with some space in between the wardrobe and the bed. Otherwise you would be hard-pressed for space to move about.

It would also be useful to reserve some space for side tables for your valuables – mobile phone, wallet / purse, bag etc. A dressing table or a study table may also be useful to have.

window-sunshineWhile at this, you may easily forget that you need to breathe – best to have some walking space and also remember not to block any of the windows so that you get some sunshine when you need to or just to save some electricity bill during the day. If you are someone who generally hates the sun or don’t need to get up at 6am in the morning, consider at least 90-100% blackout curtains. Trust me on this.

After you are done with the essentials, you may consider expressing some of your personalities all over your bedroom. Not literally, as how kids would do by picking up anything that looks even remotely close to a pen, paintbrush or crayon and draw the walls to their hearts’ content. But by selecting a portrait or a painting or two and hang them against the empty walls. Family photographs could do too, but they might be best left at the living room for your guests to admire or comment on.

A recliner or any cozy chair or sofa could also be an addition to your bedroom, if you have extra room. A bright colored one might just add the character you need to your bedroom. If in doubt, go for one which is of a similar color to your room then they will all blend in nicely! The choice is yours.

Last but not least, as important as your bedroom, you should invest in a rain shower or a bathtub so you can have a nice, hot (or cold) shower; one that will make you forget all your troubles or at least make you only remember them the next day.