How To Choose The Most Suitable Type Of Mattress For Yourself

Year after year, new and better mattresses are being introduced to us. Mattress companies will of course claim the mattresses they produce or supply are of a higher standard than their rival companies. But for a lay person like you and me, do we actually know which type of mattresses are best? Among others, there are innerspring mattress, hybrid mattress, waterbed, foam mattress, pillow top mattress, gel mattress, air bed and memory foam mattress. It goes without saying that people who sleep better usually experience lesser problems in their daily lives!

Notwithstanding the many choices we have at hand, we will guide you by narrowing these types down to the more well-liked mattresses which seem to be innerspring mattress and memory foam mattress. So which of these two mattresses will win in a head-on fight?

Innerspring VS Memory Foam Mattresses

As you may have guessed it, memory foam mattresses wins by a mile. In fact, a higher percentage of owners gave better reviews and ratings for memory foam mattresses. One reason why this comes as no surprise is that generally, people prefer special or unique things which are specially designed or catered to a certain group of people and memory foam mattress fits the bill. Limited edition or special edition things sell with the snap of a finger. Another reason is that memory foam mattresses molds to your body’s natural shape and provide support to your whole body rather than just the back, like most mattresses.

Even though memory foam mattresses get higher ratings and better reviews, the sale of innerspring mattresses actually exceeds that of the memory foam mattresses.

So since memory foam mattresses are more highly rated, surely it must mean that memory foam mattresses give better sleep? Well, hold your horses there! Memory foam mattress and innerspring mattress are merely types of mattresses and there are a plethora of mattresses that fall under each category. Fret not, you can just sit back and relax as we scour the web and keep up with statistics in trustworthy websites and online reviews to put together three of the best memory foam mattresses which obtained the highest ratings.

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress


At the top of the list is Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress. This mattress is heaven-sent. To start off, it gives excellent comfort and support. Its foam is CertiPUR which is US Certified for durability, performance and content. It is little wonder that this mattress easily sells by the hundreds on a daily basis. Zinus infuses the mattress with natural green tea extract to keep mattress freshness. Talk about a company which is 100% committed to give the best customer satisfaction. Its rating is close to a perfect 10/10. For just a little less than $300, this mattress is worth every penny you put in it. And in case you are wondering, this mattress has medium firmness; more to the firm side. We’re not biased because as you can see, we’re not alone in thinking that this is easily one of the best memory foam mattresses around!

Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress


Next on the list is Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress. Another mattress which has CertiPUR foam, it is of the highest quality and gives any of its rival a run for their money. Sleep Master infuses the mattress with natural plant oil which maintains mattress freshness. If you have never tried a memory foam mattress, you should give this a try. The cheapest of the lot, this mattress currently goes for less than $100 and is firm; but not too firm. Having a rating of around 9/10, this is an absolute bang for your buck! If you see one in front of you and you certainly have to get one, don’t think twice!

Now that we are in the mood for great mattresses, let’s move on to the final mattress which makes the top three. It is no other than Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress. And yes, you guessed it, this mattress also comes with CertiPUR foam, like the previous two. This firm firmness mattress is known to provide long lasting durability and stability. At only around $300, it is recommended highly by a lot of owners. Another 9/10 rated mattress which is of high quality and unmatched level of comfort, you can absolutely trust yourself to spend your hard earned money on. Once you have slept on this mattress, it hard to ever appreciate many other mattresses.

So this sums it all for an absolutely amazing year for the mattress industry, in particular for the foam mattress category. Let’s hope for more ground-breaking technology next year and here’s to more mattresses that exceed expectations.