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4 Simple Ways To Makeover Your House

welcome-home-signA house makeover is often thought of as a time-consuming and complex task that most homeowners are completely put off by it.

In actual fact, the simplest makeovers are rather effortless and can transform the entire look of your house. If you’re one of those looking to do a little something different, we have in store for you some of the most fashionable and modern ideas that your creative side can feast on. Here we go!

Let’s start with the paint. The color of your wall painting is usually what sets the base of your entire room theme. A different shade of blue, for example, could relate to a nautical themed room while a shade of black and white will easily please fashionistas. There are even certain wall paint textures that you can implement to add a bit of style to the room in general. If you’re afraid that paint might get onto your couch or furniture or just become too messy, you could also consider getting wallpapers instead. Wallpapers nowadays come in such a huge variety that they can be complete replacements for wall painting. Better yet, the walls in your room can be made to look as if they are bare bricks or elegantly crafted with Italian marble using the right textured wallpapers. This is actually even cheaper than having your walls expertly painted by professionals. Just make sure you’ve had some practice with the wallpaper glue before attempting this project or you’ll be left with uneven wallpapering.

The same can be said of the lights in your room. You do not necessarily need to rely on ceiling lights to improve the overall room ambience. Instead, using candles can sometimes bring out the romance or stillness in the environment – something lacking in most modern, stark room designs these days. Heck, you could even go for grand chandeliers with actual candles in them if that’s your thing. Just keep in mind that a mix of themes is usually a bad idea, so just stick with one. Mixing a Japanese themed futon with a grand ballroom classical look is an absolute no-no.

potted-plantsSecondly, having greenery in a room can be very refreshing, even if it’s just a simple potted plant in the corner of your bedroom or bathroom. Plant a real tree in a pot or basket if you can. Fake trees or flowers may look decent on the outset, but your subconscious will know that they’re fake and that alone can change your entire perception of that room.

The type of scents you choose can also make or break a room. Aromas that are soft-smelling without being too pungent are perfect for your home, regardless of whether it’s your living room or bedroom. It’s the relaxing nature of such an aroma that you’re ultimately looking for. Try not to go for strong-smelling scented candles. Those are better left for bathrooms when you wish to enjoy a warm, hot bath. Scented candles tend to be overpowering in other parts of the house. Plus, if you have curtains or other fabric lying around, it can be dangerous to leave these candles about as they’ll catch on fire easily.



The organization and cleanliness of your house are extremely important factors as well that will affect your mood, even if you’re used to being messy. Make sure there aren’t many magazines, books or clothes strewn around. And certainly don’t leave half-empty glasses lying about on your tables. You wouldn’t want your house to attract pests, do you? These little things all add up to how organized a room look. Essentially, what you’re looking to get is a tidy looking room. That alone can make a world of difference. Ever wondered why hotel rooms are especially fun and comfortable to be in? This is purely because everything is in its place, as they should be. If you were to say, walk into an unkempt hotel room with your old clothes covering the ground and your bed sheets are crumpled into lumps, I guarantee you that you’ll never feel the same way as you would walking into a clean room with freshly pressed linens.

And that’s it! 4 simple steps that you can adhere to for a total makeover of your house. None of those steps above actually requires buying anything new furniture or fittings for your house. Of course, if you can afford it, spending a little more on brand new furniture that actually match the overall theme or colors of your house can make it look even better.

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