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4 Unique Ways To Add Life To Your Backyard With Chicken Coops, Swings, And More

If your backyard is the drabbest part of your property, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Studies conducted by the National Organization of Backyard Surveyors have shown that about 58% of homeowners neglect their backyard relative to their house. Ok, I’m kidding, there’s no such organization and those statistics are completely made up. But still, on an anecdotal basis, I doubt there would be much argument against claiming that the majority of people dedicate more time and energy toward improving the interior and facades of their house by comparison. You can’t blame them; it is entirely logical after all.

However, this results in a lackluster backyard that can really bring down the whole vibe of your property. And not only that, it also means that you are not maximally taking advantage of your entire property, which is a waste because if done right, the backyard is actually a great place from which you can enjoy both the outdoors and indoors as well. Here are some unique ways that you can add some spice to your lifeless backyard and make it a place that you will actually enjoy spending time in.

Building a Rock Garden

Generally speaking, there are two types of rock gardens. The first type is a pit style rock garden, for example you can construct a circular pit out of rocks, fill the pit with soil, and then plant flowers in it. This is more of a combination plant and rock garden; you won’t be walking over these rocks with your bare feet. The other type is the more traditional rock garden, where the rocks are actually the base of the garden and you want to get nice and smooth stones for you to walk comfortably on. You can also break up the monotony of the rocks by planting some plants or shrubs in strategic locations.

girl-on-a-swingAdd a Swing

Adding a swing to your backyard is a great idea if you have younger children or have young nephews or nieces visiting frequently. However, even if you don’t really have children in your house, a swing doesn’t mean it’s only for children; we see that many adults too enjoy swings for the relaxation in motion effect they bring, not to mention the bonus childhood nostalgia effect. In fact you can even get ‘couch swings’ which are basically really wide swings that you can add couch pillows and cushions on; very classy, especially if you construct it within a gazebo.

Plant a Vegetable Garden

Tired of being cooped up indoors all day and want to spend more time outside but don’t really know what to do? Well, plant your own vegetable garden and cultivate that green thumb of yours! Not only will you get plenty of fresh vegetables and herbs for your kitchen, gardening is also a really popular hobby that keeps you healthy and engaged as well. Great for people who want to feel closer to nature or just more connected to their food supply in general.

Construct a Chicken Coop and Rear Some Backyard Chickens

chicken nestIf the vegetable garden was not enough for you and you want to feel even more connected to your food, or are simply worried about modern industrial agricultural processes, then consider rearing your own chickens. This is much easier than you might think as chickens are actually very low maintenance creatures; however you will have to build them a chicken coop for shelter. While you can certainly find completely pre-built portable chicken coops, which are sometimes called chicken tractors, if you are handy with your hands then you might want to look into building your own chicken coop. Take a look at these top coop plans which are suitable for beginners looking to build their very first chicken coop. Whether you are building or buying however, proper planning is essential. Here are things to look for in an ideal chicken coop:

  • Size: Is your chicken coop big enough to accommodate the planned number of chickens you want? Keep in mind that each chicken will need 2 to 4 square feet of coop space depending on the size of your chickens and don’t forget outdoor roaming space as well! Each chicken will need about 10 to 15 square feet of outdoor space in addition to coop space.
  • Ventilation: Chickens’ feathers provide them with a high degree of insulation so they’re surprisingly comfortable in cold weather. This means that ventilation is the primary issue; always make sure your chicken coop is well ventilated.
  • Protection: Extremely important; chickens are delicious after all. Know the local predators that live in your area and plan accordingly. Make liberal use of chicken wire and don’t forget to bury some in the ground around the coop as well as animals such as minks and weasels can burrow under fences to get to their prey. And finally, consider getting an elevated coop which will provide necessary shelter against flying predators.