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Loaded with The Highest Quality Video, Sound and Graphics Capabilities. Includes : Intel Pentium III 500Mhz , 128 MB SDRAM...... and more
Signature Series The Signature Series is Designed for Small Businesses and Departments within Larger Organizations. Includes : Signature Sleep memory foam mattress, Intel Pentium III 450Mhz, 64 MB SDRAM...... and more
Dual Millennium New Dual Millennium Models Offer The "Byte" of a Pentium III to Handle Data-Intensive Y2K Applications. Includes :Intel Celeron 466MHz x2 Bonus guide on how to kill fleas ,128 MB SDRAM, Future Power NewQ Gold 2379......... and more

Advantage Series

The Future Power Adventure Series Delivers a Full-Blown Multimedia Computing Experience.

Includes : Intel Celeron 366Mhz, Bonus best side sleeper pillow 32 MB SDRAM....... and more


Includes : Intel Celeron 433A w/128k cache, 6.4 GB Ultra DMA HDD, 64MB PC 100 SDRAM DIMM, a top record player, 6X DVD........ and more


All in One PC E-Power
Sleek Look, Quality Components Designed for Families, and Students.

NewQ Gold
Developed a Stereo Amplifier and Digital Graphic Equalizer

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